At Global Links Consult-GLC- we know that enhancing the visibility of your cooperative and conveniently serving your members is within your marketing goals .Our firm has a passion in marketing Kenya's cooperatives online, and CoopConnect is a mobile app that is meant to help you in bridging the gap between your organization's external and internal markets. The app is custom made for you and its features include:

i. An exclusive profile page that shows your contacts,about-you,products,board photos,financials etc)
ii. A member's portal that allows them to access the below services:
  • View their statement of accounts /dividend statements
  • Receive bulk messages from you
  • Download various forms
  • Self- calculate loans
  • Send messages to you with an auto ticketing system
CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT: By simply logging in to

Mobile phone applications are the modern tools for online marketing,and are now popular than conventional websites.

Please proceed to download the app for free, from GOOGLE PLAY STORE.:

For more details kindly contact us

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CoopConnect is a cutting edge mobile application that leverages mobile marketing technology to bring East Africa's cooperative organisations closer to you.Through this application you are able to get up-to-date information of the listed organisations,making it easier and faster to reach and do business with them.

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EDU is a 'One stop' solution providing an enhanced communicating and interactive experience to parents, teachers and students Edu provides real-time communication and interaction with necessary school information within your reach, bringing your child's education and development at your convenience.

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ExpoKit is a business solution that targets export businesses in East Africa for web-based tools that are pre-requisite for effective international trading.