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Our Products

East Africa Coffees

Small coffee farmers in East Africa mainly grow and market their produce through coffee cooperatives. Information on the cooperatives and their produce targeting various markets may be hard to get online and time consuming . This app is therefore a centralized marketing platform that puts together coffee cooperatives with the aim of offering you a fast and convenient means to reach and do business with them.
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CoopConnect App

CoopConnect gives you up-to-date profiles, products and real time information on Kenya's cooperatives making it easier to join or do business with them.
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MyEdu App

EDU is a 'One stop' solution providing an enhanced communicating and interactive experience to parents, teachers and students Edu provides real-time communication and interaction with necessary school information within your reach, bringing your child's education and development at your convenience.
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Other Services

We offer other services with cooperative societies being our main focus market. They include:
  • Registration of the DOT COOP (.coop) Top level domain (we introduced the domain in kenya in 2009).
  • Website development.
  • Software development.
  • ICT training.
  • ICT hardware/devices supplies.
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